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Over 20 tons per year: the largestscale harvest in Shikoku
1, The most delicious, high quality water in Japan

Wood ear mushrooms are more than 80% water. We believe the flavor, quality, and mouthfeel of our mushrooms is determined by the quality of the water they’re grown with. We’re committed to the water we use, and feed our mushrooms the same water
that we ourselves drink on the plantation. That’s what allows us to stand behind our product. From cultivation to the washing phase, we only use natural spring water from the Niyodo river.

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2,No pesticides, no preservatives

Many imported brands spray their crops with chemicals and insecticides, but did you know that a lot of places in Japan use these imported wood ear mushrooms in their school lunches?
Also known as “edible Chinese medicine,” wood ear mushrooms have been shown to help with digestion and vitamin absorption. That’s why our company is committed to never use pesticides, so that adults and children alike can receive the nutritional benefits of wood ear mushrooms safely and without worry.

3,We inspect and pack every single mushroom by hand

We ship our product to restaurants, culinary institutions, and supermarkets all across the country, operating by hand from quality control to final inspection. Being the same variety of mushroom, our product may appear the same as our competitors, but once rehydrated, you can see the difference in quality, condition, and usability.

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4,The perfect environment: natural mist and temperature differences make for happy wood ears!

Natural mist that welcomes the dawn and dusk kisses our wood ear mushrooms with moisture. Especially in the summertime, we’ll often open up the sides of our greenhouses to let more of that natural mist in. The mushrooms soak it up, stimulating their growth and leaving their surfaces damp and moist. Where our plantation sits 750 meters above sea level in the Shikoku Mountains, the days are hot and the nights are cold. This temperature difference is optimal for the growth cycle of the wood ear, resulting in a tender and meaty mushroom.

5,24-hour care for wood ear mushrooms through the introduction of IT 

Thanks to an internally-developed IT system that thoroughly regulates the proper temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels necessary for the cultivation of the wood ear, we are now able to harvest and ship high quality mushrooms all across the

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Best-selling black wood ear mushroom series Used in over 90% of elementary and middle school lunches in Kochi prefecture.
  • product name: dried black wood ear mushroom (whole/sliced)

  • best before: 365 days after production (when kept cool and dry)

  • variety: black cloud ear fungus (grown in Kochi prefecture)


Dried wood ear is known as an anti-aging wonder drug, or “edible Chinese medicine,” and contains many nutrients associated with longevity. The white wood ear, too, contains large amounts of vitamin D, calcium, iron, and fiber. We recommend it to
everyone from growing children to ladies and the elderly. Our company also doesn’t use pesticides and preservatives found in imported brands. Our brand is used in school lunches at 90% of elementary and middle schools in Kochi Prefecture.

Children from the town of Niyodogawa, Agawa District, Kochi Prefecture.


After cutting off their hard stems (the root), raw wood ears are washed and then sun-dried for 2-3 days. The sun-drying boosts vitamin D levels. It may also be beneficial to let dried wood ears sit in the sun at home for 5 or 10 minutes before using.

cutting the stems off


<Whole type>
  1. If using hot, boiling water, the mushrooms can be ready to use within 20-25 minutes.

  2. You can cut them to whatever size and shape suits your cooking needs.

  3. They are easy to use in Japanese, western, Chinese, or medicinal cooking

<Sliced type>
  1. These reyhdrate even faster than whole mushrooms. We recommend them to those who

  2. Since they are pre-sliced, you can use them without dirtying a knife or cutting board.

  3. They are convenient for singles because you can take out only the amount you need.